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The video is out! =)

Check it out here.

Or here

Please inform me if there are any errors here.

Once again, would love to thank everyone who took part and making this project a successful one.
Although its simple, but we hope that it would bring a smile to someone's face and to let them know that we are here for them.
They are NOT alone.

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Konnichiwa, I have a favor to ask from you. 
Currently, a few friends and I are organizing this project called "Project Hitori Jyanai" that aims to support the people in Japan. 

Basically, all you have to do is
1. Write a short message on a paper. (A4 will do)
2.Take a picture with the message or if you're shy, take a picture of the message.
3. E-mail the picture to [shoujikishindoiprojects@gmail.com]

We'll compile all the pictures and make it into a video/slide show. Australian based Japanese newspaper 'Nichigo Press' is giving their support to this project. Hence, it will definitely reach out to the people who needs it.

For more information and the latest update of the project, feel free to check out here
Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

This is a project to help the victims and those affected by the major earthquake and tsunami on 11th March 2011. This project does not involves any funds or money, so for those of us who wants to help but due to some reasons couldn't donate, this might be the way where you can take part free of charge and easily. Although its funds are important for the victims to rebuilt their homes and cities, but there are also things where money can't heal or help. Here, we aim to support them morally, giving them supports, telling them they are not alone and we are always here with them. They have to be strong at heart in order to rebuild a better tomorrow, a better home.

If you think this project is meaningful, and you would like to help and give your support morally to the people in Japan, we always welcome you to join. =D So come one, join me and my friends in making this project successful and broadcast it to Japan, to the world, telling them that they are NOT ALONE. Hitori jya nai !!
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12 March 2011 @ 01:03 pm
In case anyone is worried about our 2 Kids safety after the major earthquake and tsunami on Friday, 11th march 2011.

They are SAFE and FINE!
*thank god for protecting both Koichi and Tsuyoshi*

I don't know what Tsuyoshi was doing that day at that moment, but as for Koichi, he have Endless SHOCK at Teigoku that day and when the quake happened, it was 5 mins before the start of 2nd scene ! (Thank god again that Koichi wasn't doing any flying scenes AT THAT MOMENT!)

Everyone in SHOCK were on Stand-by during that time while Koichi was on the 5th floor waiting for his scene. (Start of 2nd scene was Uekusa-san talking to the skull on the floor, just before Cemetery scene)

The show was stopped and canceled and the 1800 audiences were quickly dispatched to the nearby safety area while everyone in SHOCK COMPANY was also secured to a safe place wearing their costumes and everything. Because it happened too sudden, some audiences fell and were afraid. Uekusa-san assured everyone by saying "Its going to be fine." as everyone was ushered out, and people helped those who fell by lending a hand. (According to some source, pictures of this scene was taken)

 The 2 Endless SHOCK shows for 12th March 2011 were also canceled to ensure safety and will be postponed while the replacement dates for 11th march 2011 and 12th march 2011 shows will be announced again on Toho HP. As for whether the shows for 13th march 2011 will resume, Toho HP will give the update soon.

In case you want to check up on the other Johnnys Boys, here's the source. Safe List
Those under the RED arrow are reported safe, whereas those under the BLUE arrow are still under not confirmed situation.
Pretty much of the boys are safe, and I see no one asking about Johnny-san, I wonder if he's alright too?

Also heard that Koichi updated his SMGO regarding this matter...luckily there's news of him safe by himself. I was pretty much in a mess worrying about him when I heard no news about both of them!

Although the earthquake seems to be over, but we still need to give our supports to everyone in Japan, Hawaii or any other countries especially those affected whether directly or not by it. We do what we can to help everyone, whether its physical help, charity or giving moral supports. I'm sure bits and pieces of these are able to help people overcome this moment of darkness.
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07 February 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Hmm.. tsuyoi_hikari (I hope I didn't get your username wrong Haida. ^^'' I'm really bad at remembering names.) asked me if I could take a photo of my Endless SHOCK music box for her to see. So here it is. =)

Sorry the photo is rather huge, and I'm lazy to resize it. =P

Music Box Cover/Top

The inside. There's no dancing Koichi figurine inside..which was such a disappointment. XDDD
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Early X'mas present!! =)

Scanned the オリ★スタ 2010 12/20号 Book in Book 新堂本兄弟 Special Interview.

Someone please wrap up these 2 gorgeous 'Kids' and sent me as Christmas presents!!

MU // MF
Credits and comments will be loved

Have a Happy and Merry Christmas everyone !!*hugs* 

*sings Cinderella Christmas* Waiting for my 白馬王子 (Prince on White Horse) to come with my glass slippers. =D

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28 November 2010 @ 03:31 pm

Ho Ho Ho~~~. Early Chrismas present for everyone. Coz I won't be free during Christmas. but..who cares. :P

Various magazine scans of myMickey Domoto Koichi for Oct and Nov 2010 !! =) Sorry, its kinna late..


Pia 2010 September                     Pia 2010 Aug                                   TV Fan 2010 Oct

TV Life 2010 September               TVNavi 2010 Nov                         TVNavi 2010 Oct

TV Pia 2010 Aug                           TV Pia 2010 September             Weekly Television 2010 Oct

Weekly Television 2010 No.34

Here's the download link~
MF // MU 

 Comments and credits would be nice. =)
And well, don't claim these scans as your own. Although it might not be really well scanned.

Edit: Additional goodies. KYAAAAAAAAAA!! I love this so much. *faint x 1000000 times* lol

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23 November 2010 @ 03:59 pm
Alright, so I was really looking forward to this special play of Koichi that came as a surprised not only to us fans but to Koichi himself too. It seems that he wasn't told he will be scheduled for something like this. Sadly, I wasn't that lucky to attend this so when I watch the news reports, alot of emotions started coming to me. Sad? Happy? Excited? Angry? Jealous? I don't know...looking at the stage reports where they showed scenes of the show itself, I have to say, it was such a GRAND show.

Now I really regret not being able to be there to watch it live. Even if the story wasn't entirely focused on Koichi as in Endless SHOCK, but what show have you all watched that had most of their scenes in water?? Not to mention Koichi's flying 60meters hight with 2 pieces of cloth WITHOUT any safety wires. !!!! When I think that I should bring my parents (or anyone who doesn't know Koichi) to watch Endless SHOCK, I've just added another show that I am definitely going to pull, drag (or whatever) my parents to watch this with me !! Then I will happily point out,

'LOOK!! Thats Domoto Koichi !!! The man whose face are plastered on my room wall, photo frames, cellphone wallpaper, laptop and PC wallpaper and a whole shelf of his CDs and DVDs."

He is not just an idol, but an artist, a PERFORMER !!

Okok, enough talk. Lets watch those news reports now ~!


Credits source: Here

(Anyone have any ideas how to rip the videos from tuduo ???)
Here's the avi. format for the Seven Samurai reports: MU MF
(Thanks to nextshot for the video file)

Yamamoto Kansai-san, the director said that he will be looking forward to bring this show to other countries in Asia and New York.
(sadly the Asian countries didn't include Malaysia or Singapore in them. T___T )
22 November 2010 @ 11:35 pm

Scanned and uploaded KinKi Kids -iD- album limited edition

enjoy! =) Credits and comments would be nice. ^-^
(I know its kinna late...)

EDIT: Oops..I forgot to add. Sorry if the scans doesn't turn out nice. I'm not a very good scanner. And since I can't possibly reply everyone's comments when they say 'Thank You'. I'll just say it here. You're welcome !!!! Enjoy !!! =)
Updated: 13th December 2010 with Photos

Welcome Welcome to my sales post!! Feel free to browse around, and if you see anything you're interested, do send me a comment to enquire about it. =) Enjoy~!

List of goods hereCollapse )
List of goods hereCollapse )
List of goods hereCollapse )
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18 September 2010 @ 02:08 am
Alright people!! My biggest birthday returns to all of you. BPM album lyrics (only in Japanese :P) hahaha! I'm hoping that someone will use my lyrics to translate it, so..be patience ok? Anyway, I've spent hours typing all these out from the tiny booklet, and my eyes are paining like crazy...so, in case you're using it somewhere...please do credit me. =) thank you.

Ok then, since everyone understood the little request, I shall share it here NOW! *hugs* Its very long, cause there are like 13 tracks here. But I've saved the hassle of repeating the lyrics of the same songs. haha! =)

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